About Us

About Us

Welcome to Caleb Multilab Inc.

The Caleb Multilab Inc. established in August 2007 is a contractual research organization (CRO) specialized for bioequivalence and clinical studies. We are offering customized services based on individual company needs with great infrastructures. Those include the most recent analytical instruments and excellent analysis staffs as well as well-trained clinical research associates. All our analyses are performed in accordance with our standard operation procedures (SOPs) established based on Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

In this global era, the Caleb Multilab Inc. aims to be the most reliable partner for pharmaceutical industries by not only improving the operation standards and quality assurance systems to globally recognized level, but also establishing state-of-the art services for various areas.

The Caleb Multilab Inc. ensures compliance, safety and swiftness in bioequivalence and clinical research through networking with the most experienced professionals and experts of specialized hospitals. We provide excellent results in order to be evaluated as the best value of customers' products.

Being a world-class bio power with Caleb "The leader of life science in the 21st century, the Caleb MultiLab"

Hye J. Lee, Ph.D CEO